@Spacial Audio have written a blog post about choosing the right software for running a radio station with.

When it comes to free radio automation software they said this.

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What planet are you on Spacial Audio?

When it comes to FREE radio software such as RadioDJ there are No catches, No hidden costs and No complex contracts or Activations required.

RadioDJ FREE radio automation software

RadioDJ being free doesn’t require messy registration keys in order to unlock the benefits of the program.

“Meanwhile, genuinely free software sometimes does not deliver on expectations, from poor performance to a lack of support when things go wrong”

Wrong again! RadioDJ has great performance and stability one user we spoke to on Facebook hasn’t had to restart the program running on his laptop in over 24 months.

We also know of other SAM Broadcaster user who have switched to RadioDJ and haven’t had an issue since they installed it.

RadioDJ free radio automation software has really great support via the community lead forums

It really annoys me when the Spacial Audio marketing department try and pull a stunt like this, Because they’re “worried” by the amount of $$$ they’re losing in sales to other freely available software such as RadioDJ

Everyone knows that RadioDJ is the FUTURE of Internet radio automation software.

Free radio automation software isn’t as BAD as Spacial Audio are trying to make out!

How To Install RadioDJ

The free alternatives sometimes work far better than the paid for solutions such as SAM Broadcaster/SAM DJ/SAM Cast

You only have to search this website to learn just how bad SAM Broadcaster is as a piece of software.

Stop telling LIES about free software not being “as good” Spacial Audio it sounds like a desperate bid to make a sale of your software.

You might want to take that blog post down Spacial as it’s full of lies from start to finish.

Mind it’s not just Spacial, We’ve also noticed other bloggers trying to make out that RadioDJ is inferior because its free.

We would really love to know what lead them to those conclusions!?

RadioDJ also doesn’t have malware or viruses in it even if some AV programs think there is something in RadioDJ, Just add the RadioDJ program folder to the list of exclusions on your antivirus solution.

RadioDJ is completely 100% FREE with No catches despite what Spacial Audio or anyone else might say…

Update!: A few hours after I posted this blog post it seems Spacial Audio changed the wording of their blog post!

Changed Blog post.

Guess you were in the wrong all along eh Spacial? FREE software isn’t anyone’s enemy!

Last updated on: 13th July 2019
at 19:57 PM Europe/London