I’ve just seen a station owner bragging about the donations to his Internet radio station.

“The amount of PayPAL donations that we have received has increased 10-fold”

So what? Who cares? Why the need for the begging bowl in the first place?

paypal button

STOP expecting your listeners/DJ’s to pull you out of the quagmire every month with donations.

It really annoys me because the few times, We’ve ran a hobby stream the costs for servers etc… came directly out of our pockets!

We didn’t dare to ask listeners or other DJ’s for help with costs.

There’s one radio station who stipulate on their sign up page for DJ’s that the DJ has to pay $17 a month to cover that stations costs.

Screw that!

It’s simple IF a station owner cannot afford the costs of running an online radio station. Then just give up running it altogether!

“Stop putting out the begging bowl on your website it makes you look desperate to stay on air!”

Lets face it radio stations on the internet are 10 a penny these days.

Also bear in mind Internet radio listeners can be fickle! You have to keep your station fresh to keep listeners.

The minute things become stale & repetitive they’ll start deserting your station for something else.

Last updated on: May 29th, 2017
at 07:52 AM Europe/London

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