I really wish certain people on the Internet would keep their opinions about me to themselves.

I’ve recently been accused of Bad Software Practices because of the way I promote Radio DJ over other paid for software.

I regularly test the demo’s of paid for radio automation software and find some (most) of them don’t perform as well as free radio software offerings such as RadioDJ.

That’s why I set this blog up to sort the wheat from the chaff and boy hasn’t there been some chaff.

Its not our fault some radio automation software offerings have huge problems and glaring bugs.

SAM Broadcaster Pro isn’t worth its $299 price tag.

I simply tell people about that piece of software & its major issues & there’s nothing wrong in me doing that either!

Also If I feel the need to quote social media posts then I will do it especially if they’re relevant to a topic I happen to be covering,

I don’t need your permission you’ve posted it on social media for the whole world to see. If you feel that strongly about your posts being quoted then make your account private.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

Its really starting to get boring when people spew bile about me and this website, Bad software practices?

Nope! Just sour grapes from another developer!

My promotion of RadioDJ seems to have put a lot of peoples noses out of joint.. I really can’t see why people are so against freely available software.

Last updated on: 4th November 2019
at 09:15 AM Europe/London