Seen a few posts over the last few months of users saying that music files have gone missing from RadioDJ between restarts of the computer.

Then it transpires that these users are trying run RadioDJ with the music files on an external USB storage device.


That’s where the problems start if you’re using RadioDJ for full time radio playout automation.

As one user put it recently on the forum.

Another thing to keep in mind is never! use an USB drive containing the music. Or switch down the sleep mode on it. When the drive “falls asleep” or the laptop decides to apply “power saving” on the USB drive, no music is there to be found and played.

We tried using a USB 2TB hard drive a few years back and had no end of issues with tracks being disabled because they couldn’t be found.

It wasn’t the fault of RadioDJ that the music files weren’t available it was the hard drive going wrong and the USB port powering down.

Then the USB storage packed up on us altogether which wasn’t great we’ve not worked with USB drives since.

If you’re running a station full time invest in an Internal hard drive. Storage isn’t as expensive as it once was and even SSD (Solid State) drives are coming down in value.

RadioDJ tends to play nicely with Internal disc drives because those drives should hopefully never power down.

You don’t have to take my advice but you would have better streaming experience all round if you followed it.

My music files have been placed on an internal SSD drive and I have ZERO issues.