Recently noticed a couple of users complaining they were having performance issues with the machine they were running RadioDJ on.

It’s since transpired that they had other programs/processes open when they were having the issues.

Yes indeed having a browser open with a lot of tabs on the same machine as RadioDJ it is bound to cause performance issues somewhere.

Even with a decent amount of RAM/CPU it may still cause issues.

Programs such as Chrome/Firefox are fairly resource hungry these days, even more so if you have a lot of add-ons or extensions running in the background.

They could well be causing PC freezing/performance issues.

Ideally its best not to run any other software such as browsers at the same time as RadioDJ main playout machine.

Do your browsing and downloading on another laptop or tablet. Leave the machine running RadioDJ to it’s own devices.

Ideally the only programs you should have running are RadioDJ, MySQL & your Encoding Software

We have RadioDJ running smooth as a nut & we intend it to stay that way for the foreseeable.

You’ll be thankful in the long run as it should make your stream more stable.

Last updated on: 21st December 2019
at 10:15 AM Europe/London