Auto start? No!

I think one of my biggest bug bears about websites has to be audio/video players on the main page auto starting without any warning.

Just clicked on a page from a radio station listing website & the radio stream started playing automatically.

It really annoys me when I visit a website to see what the content is. Then the audio starts, I have the same bug bear about videos autoplaying too.

That’s not what I want from a website I’m afraid.

Please I urge website owners that have players on their front page that auto start to stop them from playing automatically.

Don’t force it upon someone to listen or view a video.

People are more likely to click off your website and pages if you allow the player to auto start.

Let the person visiting the website choose to listen or view the video for themselves.

Last updated on: 31st January 2018
at 08:45 AM Europe/London