Pirate radio stations are nothing new they’ve been on the go since the 1960s with Radio Caroline etc…

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“I can still remember two Scunthorpe DJ’s attempt at a pirate radio station. It was called WLNG & Broadcast on 104.9 FM on Tuesday and Thursday nights in the late 1980s”

There’s very little information about WLNG on Google just a couple of mentions in articles.

Fast forward to the pirate stations of today. It would appear to all intents the FCC in America are having a crackdown on Pirate stations

“Why be a Pirate station on an AM/FM signal with very little reach? When you could potentially reach more people by streaming on Internet Radio”

Internet Radio is the future of broadcasting & it’s not all that difficult to start your own online radio station.

You just need a decent PC (1GB of RAM would do) decent broadband connection, decent microphone and mixing desk, along with decent streaming/automation software and a Shoutcast/Icecast server.

What do you actually need to create an online radio station?

  • A mixing desk and microphone
  • A decent broadband upload speed
  • A decent music collection with minimum of 2500 tracks
  • Decent radio automation software such as RadioDJ
  • A Shoutcast or Icecast server (You can get these for free if you search Google)

How To Install RadioDJ

We know of a few pirate radio stations on the Internet and some of them have been on the go for around 19/20 years albeit from different servers.

It appears NO one really checks if your legit or not on the Internet.

In any case you could just move your server to another IP if the authorities were snooping on your broadcasts.

“It’s amazing how popular streaming online radio has become. So it’s little wonder there are so many Pirate stations on the Internet”

Hopefully you shouldn’t have to worry about your transmission equipment or aerials being seized by officials.

Unless you were broadcasting some really bad content!

Sexism/Homophobia/Racism/Islamophobia/Xenophobia are definite no go areas when it comes to broadcasting even if you’re a pirate broadcasting from a bedroom

Remember at the end of the day no one wants to listen to crap!

Last updated on: 1st August 2018
at 11:40 AM Europe/London