Anti-Virus Problems and RadioDJ

RadioDJ FREE radio automation software

“We’ve heard of a few users saying that they couldn’t get RadioDJ to work because their antivirus program flags it as suspicious”

The main reason these pieces of Antivirus software keep flagging things up with RadioDJ is because Marius is trying to protect his code.

You can’t blame him for that!

We can assure you the RadioDJ program files aren’t riddled with any form of virus or malware.

It’s the Antivirus software giving a False/Positive result. These are just two quotes direct from Marius the developer of RadioDJ

“Avast is in some cases reporting files as infected. That is a false/positive!”
“I assure our users that I always check released files with most modern antivirus programs”

We had a similar issue with Avast when it kept deleting the RadioDJ.exe program file because it thought it was suspicious.

Despite what Norton/AVG/Avast/Bitdefender may say…

“There are NO nasty Viruses nor is there any Malware in RadioDJ we wouldn’t have used the software since 2011 if it wasn’t safe”

These days we’re finding that Windows Defender is doing a good enough job keeping our Windows 10 PC’s safe. But then again we aren’t browsing dodgy websites or downloading virus laden pirated software, That’s where most viruses come from “dodgy” torrent/file sharing sites.

TIP: On Windows 7/8/10 its a good idea if you add the RadioDJ program folder to the exclude list in Windows Defender or your Antivirus solution, That way it won’t be constantly scanned and will help boost performance among other things

We’re still using just Windows Defender to protect our Windows 10 machines and haven’t had any issues.

We hate antivirus software solutions that takes over your PC (Glares at Norton!)

Download RadioDJ today and find out for yourself how stable the software can be.

Once setup and working RadioDJ will work as an automation program should.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 10th August 2018
at 13:16 PM Europe/London