With the release of RadioDJv2 old plugins from v1.8.2 will now NOT work in v2.0.0

This means the Altacast plugin will also now NOT function with the program.

RadioDJ V2

This makes Altacast a DEAD plugin so please can I ask everyone a favour PLEASE ditch it, Upgrade to the newer version of RadioDJ and start using something else to stream with, Like a Stand alone encoding program instead.

Anyone asking for help with Altacast on the RadioDJ forums from now on will have their posts deleted

Last time I’m going to say this BUT Altacast NEVER was anything to do with Marius in the first place it was breaking DMCA rules apparently so it became unsupported.

Now its totally NOT supported by anyone. It was a good attempt at a plugin but things have now moved on.

I’m guessing the encoding part of RadioDJ will be part of the Upcoming paid for version… Not confirmed just a hunch.

Last updated on: January 1st, 2018
at 16:27 PM Europe/London

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