Yes I’m aware this is another post about RadioDJ and how great it is BUT the fact is its far more stable and reliable than other expensive radio automation software which you can pay lots of $$$, £££ or €€€ for.

We experienced what is known as a Clockwheel Failure where SAM Broadcaster would only play Station ID’s and Jingles even though the Clockwheel rotation had over 5,000 tracks to choose from so there shouldn’t have been an issue.

Switching to RadioDJ was the best decision I have ever made when it came to software, It was easy to use once I configured its database and options.

It made playing music fun again and its fair to say SAM Broadcaster had left me flummoxed on more than one occasion…

RadioDJ v1.3.7.0 best radio automation software for Internet radio

Whereas RadioDJ has worked everytime I’ve needed it

RadioDJ v1.8.2

Please Note: The new version of RadioDJ v2.0.0 won’t run on Windows XP as .NET 4.6.1 won’t install on that operating system time to upgrade to something newer

The database in RadioDJ is easy to look after plus you also have a NIFTY backup tool that comes with RadioDJ.

Using music automation software should be a stress free experience and we didn’t always get that from other software such as SAM Broadcaster.

7+ Years on things couldn’t be better.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

I don’t know how many more times I should have to say this BUT:

Pity we can’t say the same for other automation software isn’t it?

Take it for a spin and try it for yourself today and you too could have a stress free streaming experience.

How To Install RadioDJ

One user has had his copy of RadioDJ v 1.8.2 running for over 2 years on a laptop running XP. I’d call that ultra reliable, Wouldn’t You?

Long may RadioDJ free radio automation continue its like a best friend who never lets me down

Last updated on: 5th November 2019
at 09:33 AM Europe/London