Yes I’m aware this is another post about RadioDJ and how bloody great it is BUT the fact is its far more stable and reliable than other expensive software which you can pay lots of $$$ or €€€ for.

I discovered RadioDJ via a Google search around Nov 2010 but hadn’t used to its full potential until the fateful events of New Years Eve/Morning.

We switched to using RadioDJ on the afternoon of 1st January 2011 after SAM Broadcaster went horribly wrong on us overnight while we were asleep.

“We experienced what is known as a ‘Clockwheel Failure’ where only Station ID’s and Jingles would play even though the clockwheel rotation had over 5 days of music to choose from”

Switching to RadioDJ was the best decision I have ever made when it came to software, It was easy to use once I configured its database and options.

It made playing music fun again and its fair to say SAM Broadcaster had left me flummoxed on more than one occasion…


RadioDJ has worked everytime I’ve needed it bar a database crash in 2016 which was caused by an improper shutdown of the PC by a power cut. Even then that wasn’t the fault of RadioDJ.

It was easily remedied using HeidiSQL to do maintenance on the tables, a “quick” repair and we were on again.

I’ve had my RadioDJ database for 3 and a half years now, That was the last time I decided to reorganise my collection of songs.

(Oldies/Northern Soul/Motown/80s Pop/80s New Wave/Punk) Yes I have a varied taste in Music.

I just switch AutoDJ on and leave RadioDJ to pick the music from the rotation I’ve switched to that day and a rotation in RadioDJ is yet to fail on me like the SAM Broadcaster clockwheel did.

OK so I’m not using it for broadcasting with anymore but I’d like to think I still know how the software works.

We ran a backup stream for the station I was doing shows for back in 2011/2012 and it never failed on me then and it doesn’t fail today.

Radio DJ Free Radio automation software

Another user of the software has had his copy of RadioDJ v 1.8.2 running for 2 years on a closed circuit laptop running XP. Again I’d call that ultra reliable, Wouldn’t You?

(Although the new version of RadioDJ v2.0.0 won’t run on Windows XP as .NET 4.6.1 won’t install on that operating system)

RadioDJ v2.0.0

The database in RadioDJ is easy to look after plus you also have a NIFTY backup tool that comes with RadioDJ.

Using music automation software should be stress free experience and I didn’t always get that from other software such as SAM Broadcaster.

7 Years on things couldn’t be better.

I don’t know how many more times I should have to say this BUT:

“RadioDJ is the radio automation software every Internet radio station should be using it can give you great uptime and can work for months without anyone keeping an eye on it”

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Pity we can’t say the same for other automation software isn’t it?

Download RadioDJ v2.0.0.1

Take it for a spin and Install it for yourself today and you too could have a stress free streaming experience.

Long may RadioDJ free radio automation continue its like a best friend who never lets me down.

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