I clicked on “about” from the help menu in the last version of SAM Broadcaster 2015.5 to find out what build number they were up to.


There have been 58,738 builds of SAM Broadcaster in all its various guises since it was first released 17 years ago.

You’d have though with that many builds having been compiled that they would by now have a stable and reliable piece of software?

It would appear NOT… I’ve seen no end of complaints from users that the 2015 builds of SAM Broadcaster were the worst versions they had ever used.

It would appear they were also prone to crashing or not starting up after a reboot.

Every year Spacial Audio release a newsletter promising that they’re going to improve this, do that and fix this etc…

But when it comes down to it in reality they barely do anything with their software.

There were 5 releases of SAM Broadcaster in 2015 and only 1 new feature was added (.m4a support) not 1 mention of any of the glaring bugs being fixed.

Most of the updates last year were for SAM Broadcaster Cloud along with the ill-fated SAM Broadcaster Mac which has now been discontinued.

SAM Broadcaster 2015 Changelog

It seems the users of SAM Broadcaster 2015 Pro/Studio editions got royally Shafted again & only got 1 new feature for their sky high subscription fees.

“Spacial Audio really need to start listening to what their customers want and they also need to sort their lacklustre support department out”

Otherwise no one is going to want to know them or their software (Especially when there is better software available for FREE)

58,738+ builds and still SAM Broadcaster is unreliable piece of radio automation software.

Any wonder people seem to be flocking to RadioDJ free radio automation software instead.


Download RadioDJ v2

When RadioDJ gets an update there’s always new features added and minor bugs fixed.

The developer of RadioDJ also gives great support along with all the volunteers on the forums.

Whereas we see posts like this quite a lot on social media from people struggling to get any help from the Spacial support team.

Spacial complaint

Spacial Audio really do appear to have the worst support department & development team of any software company we know, It was the lack of support on their forums that made my blood boil when we used SAM.

Looking from the outside in it would appear Spacial Audio just couldn’t care less about the products they are supposed to be supporting/developing.

Stop paying Spacial $$$ for products like SAM Broadcaster

They just don’t seem remotely interested in getting their software to work as it was designed/advertised.

They’ve had 17 years to get things right and haven’t done.

Any other software company would have gone under a long time ago!

Last updated on: 29th May 2017
at 08:04 AM Europe/London