Its just a little over 4 years since AOL announced they would be closing Winamp and Shoutcast down.

A lot has happened since that announcement 4 years ago. Although NOT to Winamp…

As we all know now Radionomy came to the rescue when they bought both Shoutcast and Winamp from AOL in January 2014.

Sadly it would appear Radionomy only wanted them for the Shoutcast part of the deal, There have been regular updates to Shoutcast v2 but nothing for Winamp.

We’ve not been given much information about a possible update other than the “blurb” that the legal department were holding up the release of 5.8 which was well over 6 months ago now.

Winamp 5.666

Will Winamp ever gain its position in the market of audio players again when it does get updated?

I doubt it that ship has sadly sailed, People now use better software for playing music with.

It’s a real shame because Winamp has so much potential and it seems Radionomy don’t care for the software, They only care about the €€€ they make from Shoutcast advertising slots.

The user base of Winamp isn’t what it once was either… Just a few people hanging onto its glory days.