Saw a Tweet on Social media recently claiming that Spacial Audio support had taken over 25 days to get back to the customers query…

Spacial Audio haven’t replied to the above users query in over 25 days, The user claims they sent their original query on the 30th March (Its now 27th April) and they’ve still had NO reply AFAIK.

I could have to told this user that they were probably wasting their time trying to get an answer from Spacial Audio, they don’t interact very well with customers sometimes blocking those who dare to complain on the social media feeds.

They never have been great at replying to customers queries/complaints/problems sometimes you never get a reply which is what appears to have happened in this users case.

Even with a new team on the support desk things still seem to be the same as they were, despite previous promises to sort out the customer service its all just HOT AIR!

It keeps annoying me when I see Spacial Audio treating paying customers so badly, People are paying them $$$ for software and cloud products & they expect some form of support when they have an issue.

What is so difficult about helping customers? There is NEVER an excuse to treat a paying customer badly!

You don’t see anyone getting fobbed off on other software support forums like the RadioDJ Community Forums

Stop buying software from Spacial Audio they don’t give a damn about the customer once they’ve parted with lots of $$$ every month/year.

Seriously: If you do subscribe to any Spacial product and end up having the same issues, don’t say we didn’t try and warn you…

Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 13:27 PM Europe/London