Now That’s What I Call An Uptime (RadioDJ)

Looked on the RadioDJ forums recently to find a post on the Testimonials section from a user called Capt Dave.

Radio DJ 2020

He’s the same user I reported the uptime from 2 years ago when he had it running for 2 years non stop.

We’re blown away by the fact this users copy of RadioDJ v1.8.2 has been running continuously for 4 years

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Last updated on: 26th May 2020
at 16:36 PM Europe/London

3Dhouse Free

It appears someone keeps searching for 3DHouse Free on this blog. It might help if I knew what 3DHouse was. Is that like Chicago House or Acid House?

Also what is a 3D DJ radio station? is that like a video stream? Then that makes that Television not 3D Radio.

Anyhow… You’re search is at an end my friend

Here’s a 3dhouse…


Hope that’s what you were after… If not the please SEARCH GOOGLE!


Last updated on: 26th April 2020
at 18:18 PM Europe/London