Its 20 years since I first used the Internet way back in 1999.

My first search was for a kids TV program RentaGhost and my first email address was a one.


I’ve used lots of different computers from Windows 95, Windows 98 to Windows 10 even once tried to use a Mac but I couldn’t get on with them.

I’ve lost count of how many searches I’ve made over the past 20 years to do with audio software, Internetradio and website programming which is another thing I taught myself (and still learning).

When most people on the Internet were looking at porn I was busy looking at JavaScript, HTML, PHP etc… Porn never did much for me in the first place!

I’ve been through 4 different computers in 20 years, Hard to believe my first PC cost me over £1000 (512MB) & my current computer only cost £397 (16GB).

Shortly after discovering the joys of the Internet I came across Live365 after searching for Internet radio, I started listening to a few different online radio stations, one that stuck out in my mind was a Studio54 tribute station, they played great classic dance tunes. Ministry of Sound radio was also another classic dance station.

That piqued my interest in Internet radio and a couple of years later I decided I wanted to try and create a Shoutcast station with the help of some acquaintances I’d made on the various websites I was a contributor to.

Sadly just as we were about to launch “Pozitive Radio” my eldest brother passed away so I had to step back from the project.

By the time my life had got back to ‘normal’ everyone else involved in the project had completely lost interest, I quite never got the chance to run my own station again after that.

Over the next few years I spent a lot of time learning the basics of Internet radio software. Some of which had a steep learning curve.

Around 2010 we discovered RadioDJ free radio automation and it was unlike any piece of automation software I’d previously used. It was nifty, sleek, fast and FREE.

RadioDJ is just simply the best piece of audio software ever!

Yes I’ve received lots abuse from Keyboard Warriors in my time on the net, but I’ve always stood my ground even when I’d been accused of things I hadn’t done.

The Internet on the whole has gone from good to bad IMHO with some of the modern day Social Networking websites being brought down by Trolls…

I have learned a lot in my time on the Internet, I’ve seen the good and the bad in people, some people can be pretty awful online sat behind a keyboard.

20 years on I’m getting fed up with the Internet its just not the same as it was 20 years ago. I don’t know if its just me or people seem less tolerant than they used to be?

Last updated on: 25th October 2019
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