Question that seems to get asked a lot is how people actually go about running more than 1 copy of RadioDJ on the same PC.

Its NOT as long winded as you might think.

Step1: Download RadioDJ and Install to different folders on the C:\ drive (outside of the programs folder) & give each folder full administrator privileges

Step 2: Give each instance their own database using database setup (e.g RadioDJ1, RadioDJ2, etc…) Just click “install database” to install it.

Tip: If you have a database backup you can restore that it’ll make it much quicker

Step 3: Start RadioDJ & Uncheck the “Allow on Instance” box in the Options menu of each instance of RadioDJ.

You may need to fire them up separately.

Only allow one instance option

Restart all RadioDJ instances for the changes to take effect.

2 copies of RadioDJ

Step 4: Install Virtual Audio cables (Breakaway pipeline) and give each instance of RadioDJ its own cable.

You can set the amount of cables you want when you install it (no audio can be playing while you add more cables)

Once you have given RadioDJ its Virtual soundcard you must restart RadioDJ for soundcard changes to take effect

Step 5: Start Importing music into your databases and sort out how to stream to a server, Or if you’ve restored a back up just use “Relocate Tracks” from the utilities menu (unless the tracks have the same drive path they had on the old machine)

There are some handy encoding programs here

And yes that’s literally all there is to it… Its not difficult.

Happy Streaming, Make your stations unique and try to stand out from the crowd.

P.S: While we say you can run multiple editions of RadioDJ on the same machine don’t try to be clever, running more than 4 copies on one box won’t end well

Last updated on: 1st May 2018
at 10:37 AM Europe/London