We’ve been accused of “Making up” the problems about SAM Broadcaster…

Nope! we’re not lying or making anything up, things really are as bad as they seem with SAM Broadcaster

The problems documented on this website are just a few of the reasons as to why we think the software isn’t worth the $$$ Spacial Audio charge for it.

We used the program for over just over 8 years so we know all of it’s little quirks and annoying issues. It’s caused us no end of stress over the years.


IF the software had been written properly to begin with and was a stable/reliable program then all those blog posts about the different issues wouldn’t have needed to be written.

So the program freezing, encoders buffering, database going wrong and random crashing issues were all in our heads?

Don’t think so somehow…


We’ve tried running SAM Broadcaster on several computers and different operating systems over the years.

With pretty much the same results everytime we’ve gone to run the program.

SAM would crash after a while. Sometimes taking the database with it, or it wouldn’t fire up after a reboot of the computer.

Which then required a complete reinstall of the program from scratch, It became tiresome having to constantly uninstall/reinstall the program.

RadioDJ doesn’t seem to suffer with any sort of major issue it just automates music as it should.

If the worst should happen with RadioDJ (touch wood) then it has a nifty SQL database backup tool.

You struggle to get the database backed up with SAM Broadcaster.

Also we’re not constantly having to rebuild the database with RadioDJ. Whereas with SAM Broadcaster it was a weekly/monthly problem.

RadioDJ is so reliable and stable we don’t need to worry about leaving the program alone.

RadioDJ v1.8.2

(Click on the logo to download RadioDJ or right click and “Save Link As”)

“It really is about time Spacial Audio concentrated on making SAM Broadcaster a BUG FREE program.

Otherwise they’re going to start losing even more customers.

Who knows maybe now Louis Louw has stepped down as CTO of Spacial Audio.

The development team (sic) might just be able to start solving all of SAM Broadcasters known issues.

Lets face it there’s enough of them to be going on with.

Still NOT holding our breath on that one though… We’ll believe it when I see it!

Last updated on: April 27th, 2017
at 16:22 PM Europe/London

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