Q: Why Pay For SAM Broadcaster?

Spacial Audio ask between $299 & $699 for the pro and studio editions of SAM Broadcaster.

The fact that the SAM Broadcaster studio edition is $400 more expensive than SAM Broadcaster Pro is down to the a change in the EULA (End user licence agreement)

The snag is you cannot use a “normal” $299 copy of SAM Broadcaster Pro to run a terrestrial (AM/FM) radio station with.

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When your paying between $299-$699 for radio automation software you would expect it to come without limitations.

Unfortunately that’s not where the limitations end. As we’ve blogged before you can then only use 1 licensed copy of SAM Broadcaster per radio station.

If your running more than 1 station the cost starts racking up significantly.

You don’t need to spend $$$ on SAM Broadcaster when there are better free alternatives.

The best of the free offerings is RadioDJ free radio automation.

RadioDJ doesn’t have any silly limitations imposed on it and you can run more than one radio station if you so desire.

There are NO hidden fees or nasty catches with RadioDJ just software that automates.

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Yes even commercial radio stations can use RadioDJ free radio automation software.

We know of one user running 4 different stations with RadioDJ. That’s how flexible it can be

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 and it’s taken all the hassle out of automating our music. It was really reliable when we ran 2 streams for a station.

Once setup RadioDJ can run for weeks & months without anyone keeping an eye on it which is something that cannot be said for SAM Broadcaster.

STOP! Don’t part with any money for SAM Broadcaster!

You will only regret purchasing SAM Broadcaster and be left out of pocket when something goes wrong.

Why not spend the money you saved on bits and pieces for your studio instead. It makes much more sense don’t you think?

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:54 PM Europe/London

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