Calling all developers!

We’ve had some great plugins written for RadioDJ free radio automation software over the past couple of years.

However… the author of the Altacast plugin, DSP stacker plugin & recording plugin doesn’t appear to be coding much at the moment, He also hasn’t been on the forums for a while either, due to personal reasons. As most people will realise life has a nasty habit of getting in the way.

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It’s a real shame that Snowhow hasn’t been able to keep on top of his plugins as they showed real promise.

So now it begs the question…

“Who will write the plugins for RadioDJ now?”

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I guess a lot of people don’t actually realise that they could code a plugin for RadioDJ and the possibilities with the plugin structure for RadioDJ are endless. It would be nice if someone else took on the gauntlet and started coding plugins for the program.

If anyone wants to start coding plugins like the Altacast plugin for RadioDJ then why not have a stab at it, You’ll have lots of users who will be only too happy to test them for you.

In order to write a plugin for RadioDJ you will need to ask Marius the author of the program for the source code.

He can be contacted via the community forums under the “Plugin Development” section.

So why not have a go at making a plugin? Several plugin ideas that have been suggested include:

  • A commercial planner.
  • A relay stats plugin.
  • A Voice FX Button.
  • A silent output plugin.

Just to mention a few… As I said earlier If you know how to code using the BASS .NET libraries then the world is your oyster.

It would be nice if someone made plugins for RadioDJ that improved on the current functionality. Don’t get me wrong, the plugins Snowhow coded are great but could do with a few tweaks and some updated functionality.

“I’d offer to make one but alas I wouldn’t know where to start”

I can just about code a website, but I reckon based on past experiences with coding I’d be useless at making a plugin!

Are you up for the challenge? Lets see what you can code then!

Last updated on: July 20th, 2017
at 09:04 AM Europe/London

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