When SAM Broadcaster Auto Updates Go Wrong!

I read a post on the Spacial forums today where a user had just downloaded the latest version of SAM Broadcaster because the program told him there was an update available.

The problem was this user was using SAM Broadcaster 2013 and the auto updater tried updating it to SAM Broadcaster 2014 for which the user didn’t have a valid key & inevitably it all went horribly wrong for him.

He now can’t get his copy of 2013 reactivated until the support staff (or lack of) are back in the office. It’s a holiday weekend in America.

So it looks like he’s going to be stuck until at least Tuesday with no way of using SAM Broadcaster.

This is yet another reason why people should ditch SAM Broadcaster and use RadioDJ Free Radio Automation software instead.

RadioDJ has can be used without the added headache of a registration key not being valid.

Maybe one day Spacial will get something right? Probably NOT!

Last updated on: 31st May 2017
at 14:51 PM Europe/London