Back in January 2015 Spacial Audio sent out a newsletter to people informing them of what was likely to happen with their software this year.

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One of the lines that stuck out was this.

“This year we promise to continue to work hard and bring you some amazing features for your radio station”

Fast forward 10 months and they’ve only released 4 versions of SAM Broadcaster 2015.

It was the 1st of June before they even released SAM Broadcaster v2015.1

That’s because the development team were more interested in porting the Windows version of SAM Broadcaster to the Mac using Crossover.

SAM Broadcaster for the Mac has now been Scrapped/discontinued by Spacial Audio!

Apart from porting the Windows version to Mac the development team have hardly done anything to improve the Windows version of SAM Broadcaster.

Of the 4 releases of SAM Broadcaster 2015 so far this year there has only been 1 new feature added (.m4a support) and that’s it!

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The only major change we can see this year is the rebrand of SAM Vibe to SAM Broadcaster Cloud! (Posh name for a server)

(A name change still doesn’t disguise the fact they’ve done nothing with the software this year)

SAM Broadcaster Cloud isn’t something most of the regular SAM Broadcaster users appear to want.

The most recent release 2015.4 was just a bugfix for something they cocked up on in 2015.3 so no new features in that edition either.

“In reality Spacial Audio haven’t worked hard this year. They’ve just sat around twiddling their thumbs while still taking money for subscriptions and software”

Can anyone else see what’s wrong here? Spacial are taking the piss out of their core user base.

Why people still pay to subscribe to this crap is beyond me.

What most of the SAM Broadcaster users want is a program that’s had some bugs fixed and program that actually works for what it was designed for.

At the moment SAM Broadcaster isn’t doing what modern internet radio stations want.

You don’t have this issue with RadioDJ FREE radio automation software!

Every time there’s a new version released you get more than just the 1 bug fix and there’s new features added with most releases.

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ appears to be programmed by someone who is passionate about making the software world beating.

It’s a far superior program to SAM Broadcaster in so many ways.

Stability & reliability are just two of the reasons you should use RadioDJ (Apart from it being 100% FREE) One user reported 234 days up-time with RadioDJ.

Stop paying Spacial Audio for software, It’s they obvious they care more about their profit margins than actually making software that works.

Last updated on: 30th August 2016
at 11:48 AM Europe/London