The latest newsletter from Spacial Audio popped into one of my mailboxes this morning.

So they’re claiming that the development team have fixed the bugs that caused SAM Broadcaster to crash?


Haven’t had chance to test SAM Broadcaster v2016.3 yet so I don’t know if the claims are true or not. That’s IF I can be bothered.

“If they’ve fixed the bugs that caused the instability and the program is now stable we’ll be amazed! It’s only taken them 14+ years”

So far this year there have been 3 releases of SAM Broadcaster 2016 in quick succession, It was June 2015 before they got the first release of SAM Broadcaster 2015.1 out. Although that was down to the now failed attempt to port SAM Broadcaster over to the Mac.


It seems the development team are now free to get on with actually fixing things that should have been fixed long ago. I guess I was right last year when I wrote that Louis Louw had been holding the company back.

Could SAM Broadcaster finally become the program it was intended to be from the outset? Only time will tell…

It all depends on what feedback we see from users of the software over the next few months.

Even then it probably still won’t convince us to switch back. We still can’t see why the program costs $299.

The good ship SAM was sunk around 5 years ago by the discovery of RadioDJ & it would be a “Cold day in hell” before we used SAM again for our music automation.

**Update 18/09/16**

“Just went to test SAM Broadcaster 2016.8 and the program closed down on me after less than 3 minutes. So its the same old program its always been”


Last updated on: March 27th, 2017
at 03:25 AM Europe/London