Running an online radio station can be a fun thing to do.

However running one station isn’t enough for some people.

We know of someone running multiple Radionomy streams using RadioDJ free radio automation software.

“It’s another reason why why RadioDJ is so great and flexible, You can run as many stations as you want without it costing you hundreds of $$$ for software”

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You CANNOT run multiple radio stations using software such as SAM Broadcaster without it costing you $$$.

You need a separate licence key per station with SAM Broadcaster.

If you wanted to run 4 radio stations using SAM Broadcaster you would need to pay out $1196 (4 x $299)

Running more than one copy of SAM Broadcaster on one PC isn’t going to go well either as the software demands a lot of the computer’s CPU/Memory resources.

So if you want to stream more than 1 radio station on 1 PC then make the switch to RadioDJ today!

RadioDJ is 100% FREE with no hidden fees or nasty catches. You can run multiple instances of RadioDJ on 1 machine or separate copies on 2 machines without having to pay out $$$.

You’ll have peace of mind that your multiple radio stations/stream will work without the need to constantly keep an eye on the software.

The maximum amount of instances of RadioDJ that you can run on one PC at a time is limited by the resources & specifications of your computer.

“We certainly wouldn’t recommend running more than 4 instances on a PC with 2GB of RAM. Unless Of course if your computer has MEGA amounts of RAM and processing power then you might be able to run more”

Tip: Use Virtual audio cables and make sure each instance of RadioDJ has it’s own separate audio cable & separate database/encoding program.

There really isn’t that much to running 2 streams from the same PC. If however you should run into problems then please ask on the RadioDJ Community Forums for help and advice.

It really is that easy to run more than 1 stream/station using RadioDJ!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:13 PM Europe/London

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