I’ve blogged before about the SAM Broadcaster activation system NOT being fit for purpose.

It seems one SAM Broadcaster user is frustrated that they cannot activate SAM on a new machine.


Reading the post on the Spacial forums it appears this users problems stem from the key apparently being used by 4 other people.

Their copy has also been activated on Spacial activation system systems over 12 times. Spacial only allow 3 activation’s per licence.

“I get an e-mail back from Matthew who states that this has been activated under four different usernames. A total of 12 times. He states “this is not normal” and says that I’m SHARING my serial number”

The reason the activation system was implemented so Spacial Audio could crack down on the amount of pirated copies of SAM.

Although It appears the activation system isn’t working as it should as it keeps locking legitimate users of out the system, Even users who deactivate the software before they go to reinstall.

Who are then so annoyed by being locked out of the program they are contemplating using a cracked/pirated version of the software.

“What can I do? Pay again for something I already paid for or find a torrent/crack of the software”

No DON’T use a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster that will only land you in hot water with Spacial support who may then terminate your services/account.

We can understand users frustrations, People pay hundreds of $$$ for software from Spacial & shouldn’t have these activation headaches everytime they go to activate a piece of software they genuinely purchased.

Surely there has to be a better way around activation of your software Spacial?

This user should ditch SAM Broadcaster and use RadioDJ FREE radio automation instead.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ has NO Keys & doesn’t require online activation and it comes with zero catches or hidden costs.

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ will work everytime you need to use it to stream your radio show or station.

Also RadioDJ won’t keep locking you out of the software, because it doesn’t require activating.

You can use RadioDJ on any (Windows) computer, anywhere, anytime, without limits!

Want to run more than 1 Internet radio stream? Sure you can do that with RadioDJ as well.

It’s just another reason why FREE software such as RadioDJ is BETTER than some of the paid for radio automation software.

The user finished their rant on the forums with this..

“Thanks Spacial! For such GREAT customer service. Maybe you should put a disclaimer on your website.

WARNING. If you use this product as intended we will hold your activation hostage in the event that you upgrade any of your machines”

(Love the touch of sarcasm)

“Say farewell to activation headaches with SAM Broadcaster”

There’s definitely no need to use or download a pirated copies of the software either! Makes much more sense don’t you think?

Last updated on: October 31st, 2017
at 10:45 AM Europe/London

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