I’ve been reading a few articles this past few weeks to do with Internet radio royalty fees going up for stations on the Internet.

>> This being one of them <<

Some station owners are paying as little as $23.50 a month to licence their streams at the moment and it’s those Broadcasters who are going to be affected by any rise in royalty payments.

Under the WSA which expires this year the SoundExchange portion of royalties would be around $60-$90 a month.

Under the proposed per-performance rate of $0.0025 per performance.
With 100 listeners X listening to 12 songs per hour X 24 hours X 30 days X .0025
It would works out to be about $2,100/month

It’s the music industry becoming more and more greedy if you ask me.

I’m generally of the school of thought that an artist should be paid ONCE for a download, album or single.

Instead of raking cash in constantly from royalties.

If most of these artists weren’t so GREEDY and actually paid their TAXES then maybe I would be all for royalty payments.

Far too many Artists and Bands out there are not paying what they owe… You know who you are!

So is the future of streaming only for the rich?

It would appear it’s going to be only for those who can afford it if the proposed rate rises go through.

“Not scaremongering. But these are the kind of increases we’ll probably be looking at when the rates are announced – possibly as soon as today. And that doesn’t even factor in ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised and find that the CRB judges put a percentage option in place, but that hasn’t happened in the last two rate setting procedures over the last 15+ years, and if it doesn’t happen this time – will Congress yet again intervene?”

With royalty fee agencies, artists and record companies taking the piss with licence fees it’s little wonder there are so many PIRATE stations out there on the Internet

I know different countries have different rules for licensing online radio station probably best to check if you want to be legal.

That is if you can afford to be…

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 19:32 PM Europe/London

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