A user asked on the RadioDJ forums if the program has a feature to lock down the settings and only allow admin access via a password.

Unfortunately it doesn’t, Although It’s a feature that’s been asked for.

The user access feature has arrived in RadioDJ v2.0.0

You can find out more about RadioDJv2 Here

You don’t need notices anymore you can now lock the system down so DJ’s can’t mess up settings etc…

“Tampering with RadioDJ settings is not allowed under any circumstances”

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Station owners should make it clear that tampering with the settings of the program could see them dismissed from the station.

That should soon stop them in their tracks. Without the need for admin passwords.

If they can’t respect that then they have no place being near a radio studio.

Have some gumption station owners! It’s your station jocks should respect that.

Last updated on: 19th January 2018
at 11:17 AM Europe/London