HELP! SAM Broadcaster won’t work on Windows 10

Seeing posts from users frustrated that SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series is not working on Windows 10.

“I am really really pissed, because I paid for my SAM Broadcaster. Now that I have Windows 10… It won’t work”

SAM Broadcaster 4.2.2

Spacial Audio announced that SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series wouldn’t work on Windows 10 on their Forums a while back.

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Pay to Upgrade from SAM Broadcaster 4 series?

Just seen a post from one of the staff at Spacial explaining that SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series isn’t compatible with Windows 8/10.

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Spacial are offering a deal to upgrade from SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x by paying $119.

They want people to pay to upgrade because the 4.x.x software isn’t compatible with current releases of Windows 8/10.

The $119 is on top of the $299 users have already paid for SAM Broadcaster.

Q: Why should someone have to pay through the nose to upgrade software so it works on Windows 10?

People need to start voting with their wallets and try other software for FREE like RadioDJ


RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation package which is 100% FREE between updates. Plus RadioDJ works on ALL versions of Windows with at least .NET 3.5

(The program has even tested on Windows 2000 but not recommended)

Stop paying software companies like Spacial silly money for software upgrades that aren’t value for money.

RadioDJ has been tested to destruction on Windows 10 and RadioDJ hasn’t even flinched its done everything we’ve asked from the software.

SAM Broadcaster For MAC?

SAM Broadcaster for the Mac has now been Scrapped/discontinued by Spacial Audio!

Spacial are in the process of rolling out SAM Broadcaster for the Mac.

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All they seem to have done is ported the Windows version to Mac using another program called “Crossover”

“With the increasing no of requests for a Mac version, The quickest way was porting the Windows version with Crossover”


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Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t Mac users usually want software that is native to the Mac?

If users wanted to they could have quite easily done this themselves by using Virtualbox to run SAM on Windows.

What could possibly go wrong with the Windows version being ported over?

SAM Broadcaster is dodgy enough and prone to crashing on Windows without porting it over. Add possible new & existing bugs into the mix and BOOM!.

I’m just hoping that they’ve tested it to destruction.

Because if they haven’t and customers start having major issues with the program it will only make Spacial even more of a “laughing stock”

If you’ve already purchased the crossover Mac version of SAM Broadcaster “Good Luck” because you will need it!

Don’t bank on getting much support when things do eventually go wrong. I can see this being complete and unmitigated disaster for Spacial Audio.

By using crossover to port SAM over to the Mac they will have no doubt alienated most of the Mac crowd anyway.

Spacial Audio Disreputable?

I saw this tweet on Twitter

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And then this on Facebook

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So it’s not just me that think Spacial Audio are a bunch of shysters.

I’ve been trying to tell people this for over 4 years now.

Once you buy software from Spacial Audio you are lucky if you get any support when something goes wrong.

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They just send the same old canned replies that aren’t usually of any help to the person having the issues.

That’s if you’re lucky enough to have your support ticket answered.

Don’t even bother with the support forums either they’re just as bad.

It’s about time people stopped paying $$$ for SAM Broadcaster.

There’s better software than SAM Broadcaster these days for streaming with.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program.

With great support when something goes wrong via the community ran forums.

It’s time to stop buying software from Spacial Audio they don’t give a damn about the customer after care.

SAM Broadcaster Activation Issues

I visit the Spacial Audio forums and facebook pages every few days just to see what the latest complaints from users are.

It seems several users have had issues activating SAM Broadcaster & in some cases this has meant the DJ missing their regular radio show.

Things like that should never happen with radio software!


The SAM Broadcaster activation system never seems to work properly even when users deactivate the software before they reinstall the program.

It’s the one thing we see more complaints about apart from the software crashing or freezing.

Mind why people have to keep reinstalling a piece of radio software is beyond me…

I have never had these issues with RadioDJ and I really do mean NEVER!

Not had to reinstall RadioDJ in over a year now, The last time it was reinstalled was to update the version. A 2 minute job if that that to upgrade.

These are just some of the gripes about the activation servers from SAM Broadcaster users.

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Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster and it’s activation issues and download RadioDJ instead.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is 100% FREE with no hidden catches/costs and doesn’t require online registration/activation.

Plus when RadioDJ is installed will perform like a star and because there’s no activation needed it won’t keep locking you out like SAM Broadcaster.

You will be able to do radio shows without having to worry about software “Activation Issues” stopping you in your tracks.

No more waiting for Spacial Audio support to get back to you with their usual “canned replies” and other unhelpful advice.

Such obstacles to activation are one reason people turn to cracks or other means to bypass utterly infuriating malfunctioning/inefficient software licensing regimes.

Makes much more sense using a piece of software that doesn’t need activating all the time don’t you think?.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is Spacial Audio’s cloud based auto DJ system.

Screenshot - 230915 - 12:02:04Screenshot - 230915 - 12:02:16

Except SAM Broadcaster Cloud really isn’t worth spending the $$$ on. It’s been plagued with problems & outages since they launched it.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud outages

It’s just one disaster after another with Spacial Audio and their badly coded solutions. They’ve never got anything working as it was designed.

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One user also complained that when they go to upload mp3 files to SAM Broadcaster Cloud it automatically re-encodes them into AAC format.

So if you’ve uploaded 320kbps .mp3 files it will have converted them into a lossy format which in turn will make the audio on your cloud stream sound poor.

The last thing you need is a poor sounding stream it will just make listeners avoid your station. Mind you have to keep those listeners in the first place and listeners won’t stick with a station that has poor sound & keeps going offline because of cloud service outages.

Which is just another reason we can see customers getting fed up really quickly with SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

Another reason to steer clear of Spacial Audio would be this…

“We recently read of a case where Spacial Audio tried to take payments from someone’s bank account after the user had cancelled their subscription. So you might want to keep an eye out on your bank account if you decide cancel any service from Spacial Audio Solutions LLC.”

A reputable company wouldn’t dare to do anything like that.

Maybe one day Spacial audio will get their act together and make software and applications that work as they should.

We won’t hold our breath on that one though!

Don’t be a Turd!!!

I look at the SAM Broadcaster feed on Twitter most days to try and see if anyone is still offering illegal cracked copies of the software.

This morning someone shared a link to a video on Youtube with a link to a cracked copy of SAM 4.2.2

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“What got my back up was when I pulled the person up about the fact they were hawking cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster. They seemed to think what they were doing was legitimate and above board”

Erm NO you complete and utter TURD! Hawking illegal copies of paid for software such as SAM Broadcaster isn’t cool or right.

It’s merely still a drop in the ocean though.

“In the last 90 days 4,576 visitors to my blog have actively been looking at the posts to do with SAM Broadcaster keys/cracks.

Spacial Audio we think you might have a slight problem with people pirating your software!

If you think it’s cool to offer or supply downloads of a SAM Broadcaster Crack then you really are an Amateur and shouldn’t be doing Internet radio.

STOP Don’t Be a TURD!!! Just download RadioDJ instead.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program that doesn’t require any keys/patches/cracks in order to work the program.

It will work far better than any pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster you found just lying around on the Internet!

SAM Broadcaster Racing Audio

Just seen this old bug pop up again on the SAM Broadcaster forums.

“SAM Broadcaster Racing Audio”


This is what some users of SAM had to say on the Spacial forums.

“SAM Broadcaster increases speed of songs after 10 minutes and we cannot do anything to fix it, Support aren’t much help”

“I have been having this problem using the latest SAM Broadcaster I have no idea what could be causing it. It just goes to double speed. Its really bad.”

“Your description sounds like what others describe as the double speed bug is that what it sounds like to you? If so, that is a known bug”

“Every release has had a problem, each one progressively worse. The latest release has a problem with the decks randomly going to “double speed” it has rendered the program useless for me”

“Lost my patience with SAM today, I’ve spent the whole day trying to solve the high speed sound bug”

Racing Audio has been a problem within SAM Broadcaster for over 10 years now. If you do a search of the SAM Broadcaster forums you get pages and pages of results on the subject.

The early versions of SAM 2/3 were well known for having a problem with audio speeding up for no apparent reason. It also happens occasionally with the encoders.

This is caused by a major bug in the software that causes songs to play faster than they should & there are no signs of the bug being fixed anytime soon.

There is a simple fix for this! Download and install RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ doesn’t have the issue where it plays songs faster than it should.

RadioDJ is far more stable than SAM Broadcaster (One user has had RadioDJ running for over 7 months) You couldn’t get that sort of stability from SAM.

How many more times do we have to say this?

“Don’t Pay Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster”

You will only end up regretting it!

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