Free Program Like SAM Broadcaster

Someone recently did a search for “Free Program Like SAM Broadcaster” on this website.

It’s refreshing to see people searching for alternatives to SAM Broadcaster.

If you want a FREE program [LIKE] SAM Broadcaster then you need RadioDJ free radio automation software.

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Anti-Virus Problems and RadioDJ

Anti-Virus Problems and RadioDJ

RadioDJ FREE radio automation software

We’ve heard of a few users saying that they couldn’t get RadioDJ to work because their antivirus program flags it as suspicious.

The main reason these pieces of Antivirus software keep flagging things up with RadioDJ is because Marius is trying to protect his code. You can’t blame him for that!

We can assure you the RadioDJ program files aren’t riddled with any form of virus or malware.

It’s the anti-virus software giving a False/Positive result. These are just two quotes direct from Marius the developer of RadioDJ

“Avast is in some cases reporting files as infected. That is a false/positive!”
“I assure our users that I always check released files with most modern antivirus programs”

We had a similar issue with Avast & Kaspersky when it kept deleting the RadioDJ.exe program file because they thought it was suspicious.

The team at Kaspersky actually apologised for the problem: Sorry, it was a false detection. It will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your help.

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Despite what Kaspersky/Norton/AVG/Avast/Bitdefender may say…

“There are NO nasty Viruses or Malware in RadioDJ we wouldn’t have used the software for the past 5 years if it wasn’t safe”

We’re finding that Windows Defender seems to be doing a good enough job keeping the Windows 10 PC we run RadioDJ on safe. But then again we aren’t browsing dodgy websites or downloading virus laden pirated software on that PC…

Unless you browse “dodgy” websites or download “pirated” software you don’t really need antivirus software on the machine running RadioDJ.

There’s certainly no need for antivirus on a production machine as the antivirus software could interfere with the smooth running of the program.

Yes you can quote me on that!

SAM Broadcaster Lots of Bugs?

Recently read a post on a forum where someone was listing the radio software they had worked with over the years.

When it came to SAM Broadcaster he had this to say.

“I don’t care what anyone says there is so much evidence that this piece of software was never intended for radio it is buggy and crashes and has no place in a radio studio”

We’ve had SAM Broadcaster crash on us more than once while trying to run a radio stream.

Back when SAM Broadcaster was on v2.7.9 it crashed that often that it ended up losing me my regular slot on a radio station. Which in turn made me doubt my ability to manage a live show. Gee thanks for that SAM you piece of S**T!

You see it’s not just us that think SAM Broadcaster isn’t fit for purpose in the world of radio automation software.

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It’s getting on for 15 years since I was first introduced to SAM Broadcaster. SAM Broadcaster still has the same bugs/problems the program had back in 2003.

Our biggest bug bears about the problems with SAM Broadcaster:

The database goes wrong with tables randomly crashing.
The encoders buffered a lot even with a decent upload speed.
Clockwheel rotations failed to load tracks even though they had enough music to choose from.
The program randomly crashed without warning.
PAL scripts used far too much CPU sometimes locking the PC up.

SAM Broadcaster has never been a program you could use to run a professional radio station with.

It was designed for hobby broadcasters who maybe get 10/15 listeners but not for a station that has 100’s or 1000’s of listeners.

As the original post stated “It is buggy and crashes”

When we used SAM we had to keep a constant watch over it just to make sure it hadn’t crashed or stopped encoding.

There are better options for streaming a radio station with nowadays.

Namely Radio DJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

We can just leave RadioDJ to the streaming without having to worry or keep checking to see if it’s still streaming.

“SAM Broadcaster has no place in the world of radio automation software”

SAM was a product conceived & designed in 1999 by some college students & hasn’t seen a great deal of development since 2003.

We’ve tried the newer versions and it just seems to be the same OLD program with very few new additions.

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If people stopped paying Spacial Audio for their products then maybe Triton Digital would get the message that SAM Broadcaster isn’t wanted anymore.

STOP buying SAM Broadcaster from Spacial Audio. You are only paying them to make even more bad bug ridden software

OK Lets Get This Straight! I Don’t Write Code.

OK Lets Get This Straight! I Don’t Write Code.

Someone on a forum thinks I write the code for RadioDJ free radio automation software.

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I have NOTHING to do with the coding of RadioDJ free radio automation software not even the plugins. I only help to promote the program through this Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

RadioDJ is a just a brilliant automation program and we wouldn’t be promoting it if it wasn’t up to the job.

I wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to writing or coding software.

I’m just about able to code in HTML & PHP although it’s been a few years since I played around with scripts.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

So please don’t ask me about how the program is written (It’s written in .NET) or even suggest I code a feature for it. I’m NOT (Repeat) the man responsible for that!

If you feel RadioDJ needs a certain feature you can always put in a feature request on the Community Forums Future Request section.

We hope that’s cleared that misunderstanding up?

You Should be Thanking me Not Blocking Me!

Yet again I’ve been blocked on Twitter by Spacial.

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I tweeted them a few days ago to let them know I was helping in the fight against cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster.

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I’m not sure they took that tweet as it was intended.

Sheesh! What is your problem Spacial? I point out an illegal copy of your software on a file sharing site and suddenly I’m the bad guy?

(Bit like Corbyn and Trident I guess!)

I’m only trying to help fight the software pirates by pointing out there’s no need for an illegal cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster.

When there is a FREE “Legal” alternative in the form of RadioDJ.

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RadioDJ Free radio automation download

(Click on the logo to download RadioDJ or right click and “Save Link As” to download it to your PC)

RadioDJ doesn’t require crack keys or patches to work the full program. We guess that’s probably what’s got Spacial rattled. The fact there is now a better free alternative to SAM Broadcaster.

Really you should be thanking me Spacial ….. NOT blocking me! It seems the people who man the social media feeds for Spacial really are paranoid.

They won’t enter into a conversation with anyone. Instead they just block the tweets/users they don’t like.

Oh just so you know Spacial I can still see your tweets & replies You’ve just wasted your time blocking me.

“Carry On Pirating Software”?

Ok so there never was a film called “Carry On Pirating Software” but it would probably have been hilarious.

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It seems that most of the file sharing sites have problems with software pirates.

Earlier today someone shared a link to a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster 4.9.1 on Twitter.

I thought I better report that to 4 Shared as it’s “Illegal software” that’s being offered.

So I hit “Report Abuse” and gave them all the details as to the software author (Spacial Audio) etc.

Only to be told via email that they can’t take the pirated file down.

“We can only take action if copyright holder informs us about the copyright infringement into the correct sample according to DMCA”

So what’s the point in having a “report abuse” function on your website if you can’t act on people sharing pirated software?

It’s like you’re giving the “TURDS” (My term for software pirates) a licence to crack, hawk and share whatever software they want without any consequences.

In future if I see a link to pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster on 4shared or any other file sharing site.

I’m not going to even bother reporting it as it appears it’s a WASTE OF TIME!

As you were turds! “Carry On Pirating” no one seems bothered by illegal activity on the Internet anymore.

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