Audacity is a free to use recording tool most DJ’s use it along side other software to produce radio shows etc…


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Last updated on: 7th February 2018
at 11:18 AM Europe/London

RadioDJ Recording Plugin

RadioDJ Recording Plugin is no longer supplied from this website. We haven’t heard from the developer of this plugin for quite sometime and don’t know if there’s likely to be an update.

Important: This plugin will NOT work with RadioDJv2.0.0 you will have to find another way to record.

“Use another piece of software such as Audacity to record your audio with”

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Last updated on: 26th December 2017
at 15:20 PM Europe/London

Recording Stuff?

This is another question I get asked a lot on forums.

Q: How do I go about “Recording Stuff?”

A: Download & install Audacity


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Last updated on: 10th November 2017
at 09:52 AM Europe/London