SAM Broadcaster free download with registration key?

Search term appeared on Google analytics again this week “SAM Broadcaster free download with registration key”


Unfortunately It seems the message about using cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster hasn’t quite filtered through to some people.

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This website isn’t your problem Spacial


The DMCA notice has been withdrawn after I pointed out to DMCA pro that we weren’t actually doing anything illegal.

Went through the latest DMCA complaints filed by Spacial Audio on Lumen Database yesterday only to find they’d filed a complaint to Google about a post on this website.

If you actually read the posts properly before you actually make complaints about them, you would have known we weren’t hawking pirated software.

We do not want people using pirate software either. Purely because if you’re using an illegal copy of SAM, we haven’t convinced you to make the swap to RadioDJ, so pirate copies aren’t in our interests either!

OK so the post that Spacial Audio has filed a complaint about does indeed mention the word “CRACK” in its title. However the rest of the post is clearly in the context of:

“Why be stupid and use pirated software when there are FREE legal alternatives”

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SAM Broadcaster Product Activation Key

Are you one of those people on the internet looking for a SAM Broadcaster Product Activation Key?


We find it truly staggering just how many people look for cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster

Not a day goes by without us seeing someone somewhere searching on Google Analytics for pirated/cracked versions of Spacial Audio software.

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Stats the Way We Like it!

Just been doing some research into statistics involving the posts to do with cracked software on my blog.

I really should stop adding numbers together. I’m always blown away when I see the results.

Stats Jan-Dec 2015

The above graph represents the last 12 months (Jan-Dec 2015)

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