Recording Stuff?

This is another question I get asked a lot on forums.

Q: How do I go about “Recording Stuff?”

A: Download & install Audacity

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I use audacity to record shows with and it works like a charm. I swear by it for recording even simple things like Jingles with as well.

It’s even used by professional broadcasters who use it for recording shows with.

It’s not that difficult to learn and use. Although like any new software it may take you a while to get used to what does what.

Audacity also has a range of LADSPA Plugins available to enable you to engineer your recordings like a true pro.

I’ve used Audacity now since around 2003 and I couldn’t be happier it’s a lot easier to get used to than some of the paid for audio recording programs out there.

Yet again it’s a case of FREE software being better than paid for solutions.

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