Avoid running “other” software on your RadioDJ machine!

Recently noticed a couple of users complaining they were having performance issues with the machine they were running RadioDJ on.

RadioDJ free radio automation software v1.8.2

It’s since transpired that they had other programs/processes open when they had the problems.

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Last updated on: August 21st, 2016
at 10:31 AM Europe/London

Opus definitely a codec worth using.

A while back I posted about the Opus codec and asked if it was a codec for the future. After a few days testing it I take back everything I said about it being like the failed mp3PRO codec.

I have been streaming with it at 96kbps and it sounds absolutely perfect and crystal clear. Pity the same thing couldn’t be said for mp3PRO.

Since i wrote about Opus I’ve done some searching on the internet about it and have found out that not only does Skype support it but also VideoLan (VLC) player also the html5 audio tag in Firefox supports it. Which allows you to listen to the stream in the browser.

If you are yet to discover the benefits of Opus then what are you waiting for. The Encoding plugin for RadioDJ supports it, All you need to do is setup an Icecast server. Set the Mountpoints to /listen.opus in the Icecast config. Setup an encoder and set it encoding.

Screenshot from 2013-07-13 13:06:18

To get the stream playing in Firefox you will need something like this piece of code.

<audio src="https://yourserverIP:port/listen.opus" controls>

Save it with a .php extension then open it up in Firefox and you should hear it … Simple really.

Last updated on: October 13th, 2013
at 13:10 PM Europe/London

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