SAM Broadcaster for sale on eBay

I saw a tweet recently on Twitter from someone trying to sell SAM Broadcaster on eBay.

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Now you can correct me IF I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure this seller cannot do this.

(Section 2c) You may not RE-SELL, rent or lease the Software.

So what this seller is doing is very much against the terms laid down in the SAM Broadcaster EULA.

Why anyone would want to buy a copy of SAM Broadcaster at an inflated price on eBay is beyond me.

Especially when there is better radio automation software available for FREE.

Radio DJ doesn’t come with any fancy bells or whistles but unlike SAM Broadcaster it works.

You can download the latest version by clicking on the picture below.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

Radio DJ will out perform SAM Broadcaster in so many ways and will not cost you a penny!

Forget people trying to sell SAM Broadcaster on eBay.

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