SAM Broadcaster 2015.1 (Disappointment?)

Got my hands on a copy of SAM Broadcaster 2015.1 this morning despite Spacial trying to obfuscate the download links.

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The changes list reads like this:

v2015.1 (1 June 2015)
* M4A support added.
* Check SAM Broadcaster edition and warn if overwriting a different edition
* Warn/disable when there is no support for WMA

They’ve had well over 6 months to improve and upgrade SAM Broadcaster and the best they can do is just add .m4a support!

(Yes we know they have released a MAC crossover version but we have no way of testing that at present)

The fact they’ve only added 1 new feature isn’t going to down well with customers who have paid $$$ for SAM Broadcaster 2015.

1 user has already taken to the Spacial forums to express his disappointment.

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You’d have thought they would have at least fixed some bugs but alas not!

It’s yet again the same old story with Spacial they don’t care about their user base or the program they are trying to sell.

In the time it’s taken SAM Broadcaster 2015 to come out there have been 6 releases of RadioDJ which has more new features added everytime a release comes out and that’s FREE.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

Stop paying Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster you are only paying their development team to be lazy and do NOTHING!

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