Stop Trolling Me!

Just a friendly reminder: If you’re going to attempt to troll me on social media or the internet get “your” facts straight first!

Troll Mad

I’m getting a little bit fed up with people having a go at me because of my views & experiences with a certain piece of software.

Just because SAM Broadcaster hasn’t caused you any problems, it doesn’t mean other people had the same smooth experience.

ALL issues documented about SAM Broadcaster on this website have happened to us or a particular user of the software at one point or another.

I just state facts about the programs problems, issues and annoyances and there’s LOTS of annoyances with SAM Broadcaster.

It’s NOT my fault if SAM Broadcaster wasn’t coded properly to begin with.

SAM Broadcaster really was the most infuriating piece of software I ever had the misfortune of using.

It would be a cold day in hell before I’d pay $$$ to Spacial Audio for a copy of their software again.

Ask yourself these questions!

1) Do my posts on social media sites break any laws?
2) Do my my blog posts break any laws?
3) Do my my views break any laws?

Answer: Of course they don’t! They are personal views about a piece of badly coded software.

I wouldn’t make shit up about something & I certainly don’t lie!


Last time I looked there was this thing called “Freedom Of Speech” which most of us are entitled to!

Don’t start slinging abuse because you don’t agree with my views…It just won’t wash anymore.

Stop being petty Internet radio is a hobby to some people NOT a competition.

Now if you don’t mind I’ve got some NICE people to go and help!

Whose Blog Is It Anyway?

OK People of the world of Internet radio can you all do me a huge favour?

Stop telling me what to think/post/write on this website and even social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

I’m getting royally fed up of people having a go at me because of my dislike for a certain piece of software.

It’s all getting a bit boring when trolls start hiding behind their keyboards to dish out abuse and vitriol.

I also don’t expect to get slated when I post a solution to a problem that someone is having with software.

When I feel a piece of software is worth using of course I’ll promote it via social media and my website.

This is some of the recent abuse I’ve received.

“Well Its only as good as its promoter, you’re clearly stuck up your own arse so it’ll be shit”


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They Said No One Would Read This…

It’s just a little over 4 years since I first started this blog.

I initially set this website up to let off steam about SAM Broadcaster which I’ve had no end of problems with over the years.

In that time I’ve also documented just how badly Spacial Audio treat their customers.

Nothing ever changes when it comes to Spacial Audio they don’t care about their software!

I’ve had people say to me on forums.

“I bet no one reads your blog anyway”

How wrong can people be? According to my stats 157,976 people have visited this blog in the past 12 months.

So I must be making some sort of difference somewhere in the world of Internet radio.

To say I’m chuffed by the number of people visiting this blog would be an understatement.

The hard work will continue & You can bet your bottom dollar on that one!

The original message still hasn’t changed.

“Don’t pay Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster You won’t get the help you need when something goes wrong (Which it will) with the software”

You don’t need SAM Broadcaster to stream these days when RadioDJ is FREE!! (NOT Misleading!)

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is far more stable & doesn’t crash like SAM Broadcaster is known to.

Once setup RadioDJ will run for weeks/months without anyone needing to keep an eye on the program.

Give RadioDJ a try you may just find it outperforms SAM Broadcaster in every way possible.

The Experiment Is Going well?

A while back we started a little experiment and wrote a few blog posts to do with people wanting cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster.

So far the experiment has only confirmed what we thought anyway.

It seems there are so many desperate people out there who want an illegal copy of SAM Broadcaster.

Stats for the last 90 days.

SAM Broadcaster product activation key 2545 hits
SAM Broadcaster Key 2194 hits
SAM Broadcaster Crack 1032 hits
Cracked Versions of SAM Broadcaster 569 hits

So you can see how bad it really is.

The days of people Pirating software are numbered anyway.

Microsoft Windows 10 can should be able to tell if you have illegal software on your computer.

That should stop a lot of these people who hack/pirate software in their tracks.

I guess the only good thing is that SAM Broadcaster v4.x.x cracks won’t work on Windows 10 anyway.

These people looking for pirated software just need something else that’s legal and FREE!

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is the solution. It doesn’t require any reg keys/crack patches in order to work the full program.

It won’t put your computer at risk unlike a patched copy of SAM.

So the experiment has shown one thing: People searching for cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster is a problem that’s out of Spacial audio’s control.

(It’s still happening over a year since I wrote the post)

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