Naughty Naughty Avg!

I’ve read a few articles on the the internet this morning to do with the free antivirus software AVG.

AVG updates its privacy policy to sell customer browsing and search data.

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“It seems the owner of AVG wants to sell user data onto advertisers in order to keep the program free. “Browsing and search history including metadata, internet service provider or mobile network”

Surely that changes the program from Antivirus to SPYWARE?

Think Privacy’s CEO Alexander Hanff called the new measures

“Utterly unethical and a complete abuse of the trust we give our security software”.

We can understand that it costs money to make and support a piece of software but surely there are better ways than going about selling users personal details onto advertisers?

Long since stopped using AVG. It wouldn’t play nicely with SAM Broadcaster way back in 2002/03.

Then I tried Avast which was OK until recently when it started breaking/deleting things.

“These free antivirus solutions always have had a downside. Some of the free solutions can be harmful to your system IMHO!

I hate AV software that takes over your entire PC.

Hey AVG how about you find another solution to the problem of keeping the program free? Instead of trying to sell user data!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 23:31 PM Europe/London

Shoutcast Ad Supported Streams

Just read an article on Broadcasting World.

Radionomy have now launched Shoutcast Ad supported streams.

Which means an advert will play over your stream 2 times per hour.

This is if you are signed up totheir SHOUTcast Streaming Service.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not?

I just wonder how many listeners this is going to put off listening to a stream though Shoutcast?

I doubt this will do much for a lot of users other than annoy the people wanting to listen to music.

I feel that if people wanted adverts on a radio station then they would be listening to a station on the FM Dial or DAB not online!

One huge question remains:

Now Radionomy are sticking adverts into peoples streams does that mean Radionomy are paying for the royalties for that stations stream as well?

If the answer to that is yes then it would be a good idea.

If not then it’s a NO from me.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:26 PM Europe/London

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