Apple launched Beats 1 this week to quite lot of fanfare.

While they launched Beats 1, It appears Apple also dumped lots of stations from the iTunes radio directory.

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I can’t imagine this is going to go down well with station owners, who were listed but now are not because Apple want to push Beats 1 above anything else.

It can’t be great for stations who have a huge following if none knows where they now have to tune in (Unless they bookmarked the .pls or .m3u file)

A move like this is just going to make Apple really unpopular in the world of Internet radio.

So what now? Do they try getting listed on iTunes again or completely forget Apple and iTunes?

I’d be very much in the “completely forget about Apple and iTunes” camp. There are better places & websites to be listed on for Internet radio.

Places like Tune-in, Radio Player, Radionomy, Shoutcast etc….

I’m just glad I wasn’t actually running a station that was listed on iTunes.

Mind I loathe Apple with a passion myself never could fathom out how to work a Mac in the late 90s.

Bad move Apple! You’re only going to annoy Internet radio station owners with shit like this.

Last updated on: 12th September 2017
at 13:29 PM Europe/London