Stand alone vs Built In Encoding software?

When it comes to automation software do you pay $$$ for a program that has encoders built in or do you use a standalone encoding program along side the automation software?

I know personally that I prefer a standalone piece of encoding software as I could never get the built in encoders in certain pieces of software to stream properly (Lots of buffering messages)

Using a standalone piece of software means we can rely on RadioDJ to do what it’s does best handle the automation & simply just let the standalone encoding program take the strain of streaming…

You have more flexibility with a standalone encoding solution.

You can also run it alongside Voice Meeter Banana which then eliminates the need for a Voice FX/Input button in the automation software you use.

So next time your looking at setting a radio studio up remember you can do it for FREE if you use a separate piece of encoding software.

No need for those expensive solutions that aren’t always guaranteed to work!

Last updated on: June 9th, 2017
at 13:11 PM Europe/London

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