With RadioDJ you have to use a stand-alone encoding solution.

RadioDJ and Sound Empire Caster

Which is no more difficult than using a built in encoder

Using a stand alone encoding solution means RadioDJ can be left to do what its does best and that’s AUTOMATE your songs, promos and jingles.

Its a method we used when we ran a backup stream for an Internet radio station a few years back, We ran RadioDJ alongside a standalone encoder and rarely had issues.

Here are just some of the free Internet radio streaming encoders available.

1) Sound Empire Caster ($0.00)

Sound Empire caster 1.2.7

This is standalone encoder that recently came to my attention developed by a developer from Ukraine and is a Free alternative to paid for encoding software such as SAM Cast.

Download SE Caster Here

Just unzip the program folder and place on the C:\ drive outside of the program folder.

It supports DSP plugins so it may be an alternative if you still want to use DSP sound processing. Just place the required DSP files in the SECaster program folder.

Please note: If your antivirus software complains just add the Sound Empire Caster program folder to the exclusion list in your Antivirus software and Windows Defender.

2) MB Recaster MB Recaster

Download MB Recaster

How To Activate An Encoder

Happy streaming!

Last updated on: 11th April 2020
at 20:12 PM Europe/London