While doing my usual bits and pieces on the Internet this morning and I saw this tweet.

SAM Broadcaster Mac Discontinued

It’s been less than 12 months since they released the “Crossover” version of SAM Broadcaster for Mac.

I predicted it was going to be an unmitigated disaster when I heard they’d ported over SAM Broadcaster (Windows) to the Mac using Crossover.

It would appear I was right again.

Statement from Spacial Audio

Screenshot - 050116 - 09:24:27

That would tally with the range of problems we heard of from users on social media.

“Unfortunately, I could never connected to MySQL, With no help from Spacial”

SAM Broadcaster Mac SQL problems

Of course the Windows version ported over using a secondary program was never going to work properly.

SAM barely works on Windows without crashing or going wrong.

So do people now believe me when I say Spacial Audio haven’t got a clue about what customers want when it comes to radio software?

They haven’t perfected the Windows version of SAM Broadcaster (yet) so they must have known the crossover version was going to cause Mac users nothing but headaches.

Spacial Audio only released 5 versions of SAM Broadcaster in 2015 and only put in 1 new feature (.m4a support) While still taking money from people for upgrades. That’s almost criminal IMHO!

They tried to port SAM Broadcaster over to the Mac on the “cheap” which didn’t work out…

I doubt anyone will ever see Spacial Audio attempt a version of SAM for the Mac ever again TBH.

STOP buying products from Spacial Audio solutions you are only paying them to make even more BAD software!

Last updated on: June 26th, 2017
at 12:00 PM Europe/London