Spacial Audio Support (Or Lack Of) I’ve known about Spacial Audio & SAM Broadcaster for around 16 years.

I first tried their software way back in 2000 when SAM v1.3 looked like a badly designed college project.

SAM Broadcaster v1.3

The one thing we can quite easily say about Spacial Audio Solutions LLC.

Their customer support (or lack of) really does suck.

“Waited 3 hours straight for the tech support from Spacial. Didn’t turn up or send me a message to let me know they could not attend the time & meeting that they had requested. Seriously unimpressed, stuck now with a dodgy database and a copy of SAM Broadcaster that doesn’t work”

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You could never get a straight answer from the support desk or even the forums if you had an issue with SAM Broadcaster.

A few years back Spacial Audio said they were going to sort out the problems with their customer service.

It would appear that never materialised as they only have 3 support staff taking enquiries from users all over the world.

Spacial Audio support

Not a week goes by without me seeing an angry post on social media from a user who has bought Spacial software & struggles to get an answer off the support department.

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This is quite frankly appalling IMHO. Especially when customers are paying Spacial $$$ for their software.

My partner works in support for a software company and he said he’s never seen such an awful way of dealing with customers.

Next time you’re looking for radio automation software have a look at free radio automation software such as RadioDJ

RadioDJ has much better support than SAM Broadcaster via the Community Forums

Spacial Audio may well be 17 years old but they still haven’t got a clue how to deal with paying customers.

Last updated on: September 27th, 2016
at 09:37 AM Europe/London

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