While doing my usual bits n pieces recently on Twitter, I came across tweets from a couple of SAM Broadcaster users who had to cancel their live shows because SAM Broadcaster/SAM Broadcaster Cloud wasn’t working.

Sorry ya’ll but I cant run my show today because my sam broadcaster is not working i have to get it fixed and… https://t.co/UhoBs6AWrr


— SciMAX Media Network(@SciMAXRadio) December 2, 2015

Then there’s this “Sorry there’s no way I’ll get this fixed in time, SAM Broadcaster won’t cooperate”

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Reading more about the issue it turns out this user was having problems down to SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x not working on their newly upgraded Windows 10 machine.

Sadly these aren’t the only users who have had nightmares getting SAM Broadcaster or even SAM Broadcaster Cloud to work. These things should never happen with radio automation software.

Forget SAM Broadcaster with it’s compatibility and stability issues and SAM Broadcaster cloud with it’s regular outages just make the switch to RadioDJ.

“RadioDJ works like a charm once installed, It’s pretty stable & reliable compared to SAM Broadcaster, Thanks for such a great program Marius!”


RadioDJ Free radio automation download

(Download the latest version of RadioDJ by clicking on the logo above or right click and “Save link As”)

Once you have RadioDJ Installed and working you should never miss doing a radio show again.

I’ve used RadioDJ for 5+ years now and it’s NEVER let me down during a live show or even when it’s been left to automate backup music streams for other radio stations.

RadioDJ has been tested to destruction on Windows 10 and it seems to handle everything that’s been thrown at it.

Q: Why do radio station owners and DJ’s still pay $$$ for SAM Broadcaster from Spacial Audio?
A: We wish we knew the answer to that conundrum!

P.S: Despite Spacial Audio’s claims about FREE software RadioDJ has no catches or nasty hidden fees, just 100% FREE software for anyone to use!

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