I’ve made my mind up that my days as a DJ are coming to an end. This hasn’t been an easy decision but alas…

The pain from the Carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists mixed with the pain from Osteoarthritis/Spondylitis makes it difficult to concentrate some days.

I have days where I just cannot do things because either my hands. back or hips are causing me immense pain.

I was sort of semi-retired anyway as I gave up DJ work in pubs and clubs a while ago.

No more having to please people, I’ve worn enough fake smiles in my time.

No more having to pack up equipment because some twat was fighting in the venue. (Brumby Hotel, Scunthorpe long since demolished)

We’ve all had those “Nightmare” gigs as DJs.

Q: So Does That Mean I’m Retired?
A: As things stand right now I have no love left for the world of Internet radio or DJ work in general.

Too many Chiefs not enough Indians. (Too many people on forums/social media waiting to stab you in the back)

I guess I will always love Internet radio as a hobby just I won’t be doing any mixes or live radio shows again.

I will still promote RadioDJ via this website that’s a given.


It’s been a pleasure using RadioDJ over these past 5 years as the program is just so goddamn reliable & stable.

Shame I couldn’t say that for other software I’ve used along the way.

When I feel something within the world of radio needs blogging about I will write a post.

One thing I will never loose though. My love for music….

Being able to play music for a crowd is what I loved best about being a DJ! It helped me come out of my shell over 30 years ago at the youth club I joined.

Music has helped me through some of the darkest times of my life & it’s also been there on the days when I needed a laugh.

Thanks for all the fish and that… But now its time for me to concentrate on other stuff.

Last updated on: May 17th, 2017
at 13:01 PM Europe/London

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