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We used this script for quite some time and it’s a great way to tell your followers on Twitter what songs you are playing on your station.

It takes the now playing info from a Shoutcast v1 server and posts it on Twitter.

Please note: This version only works with Shoutcast v1 servers.

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Basic instructions: What is required to use the script?

1) A valid Twitter account.
2) Setup an application & generate API keys from
3) A PHP enabled web server with an open @fsock connection (It won’t work without it.)
4) The The Twitter script files
5) Unzip the folder to the root of your website.
6) Enter all your API keys into the twitter.php file along with your Shoutcast server details then save
7) Upload all the required files to your server/website host.

Open the webpage in a browser to point to the twitter.php page (example: http://yoursite/twitter/twitter.php) If all has gone to plan you should see this.

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If you have your own VPS setup a cron job to post to twitter as often as required

#nowplaying Detroit Spinners – Working My Way Back To You

Baldy Radio (@BaldyRadio)

“If you don’t have your own PHP web server then you can quite easily set one up on your computer with WAMP or just Apache.

Search Google for more information on “How to setup a webserver”

That is all there is to it. It’s not that difficult to setup.

N.B: These scripts are intended for entertainment purposes only, You use the script(s) at your own risk. We cannot be held liable if it screws up your system or doesn’t work for you.

If you require a Shoutcast v2 script you can download that Here

P.S: We have no idea how to install the v2 Twitter script files that something you’re probably going to have to figure out for yourself. It can’t be anymore difficult than the v1 scripts.

Last updated on: February 16th, 2018
at 14:55 PM Europe/London

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