I saw a tweet on Twitter over the weekend (again!)

“How To Set Up An Internet Radio Station For Free? (SAM Broadcaster)”


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Hate to break the news to everyone… But you CANNOT setup an online radio station for FREE with SAM Broadcaster.

There never has been such a thing as a free copy of SAM Broadcaster. SAM Broadcaster costs $299 to purchase so it’s NOT FREE.

“Even after you’ve paid Spacial Audio $$$ for SAM Broadcaster you don’t actually own the program you only lease it”

However there is a better totally 100% FREE alternative to SAM Broadcaster and that’s RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ Free radio automation download

RadioDJ is 100% free for use by any DJ (professional or budding) or any radio station anywhere in the world…

You could even run multiple shoutcast/icecast radio streams if you so desire.

There are no silly “restrictions, keys or activations” with RadioDJ just a fully fledged piece of automation software.

There are also NO hidden fees or catches with RadioDJ despite what other software manufacturers may say in their blog posts.

It winds me up when people tweet complete and utter bullshit about software being free when it isn’t!

I sent a reply to the user who posted the tweet reminding him that SAM Broadcaster is NOT free and he hasn’t replied (What a Surprise!)

Top Tip: Stop Bullshitting!! I will pull you up if I see you spouting crap about software on social media.

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