SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues:

Just had this brought to my attention on Twitter.

No I’m not bashing SAM again I’m telling people the facts.

Please Note: The report about the SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues was NOT compiled by me.

The report was written by the guys on this Website

So you can stop accusing me of lying about the SAM Broadcaster PHP Security issues when the facts are there in black and white.

click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The Full report can be downloaded Here in .pdf format.

So now we know just how bad the security holes within SAM Broadcaster and it’s website templates are. I’ve written about the request system having a flaw in it before.

This could also explain why it randomly crashes and corrupts the database.

Spacial are probably aware of these security issues but not actually doing anything to fix them.

Mind then again SAM Broadcaster is written in Borland/Embarcadero Delphi so what do you expect? Of course there are going to be security holes if that’s how badly programmed it is.

This is yet another reason to stop buying software from Spacial Audio.

Save your cash and switch to Radio DJ instead the website templates for RadioDJ are better written.

Stop buying SAM Broadcaster you are only putting your computer or web server at risk.

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