Q: Have you ever noticed the amount of CPU/memory that SAM Broadcaster uses?

Users have reported that they cannot run SAM Broadcaster without it maxing out their CPU.

“I’m running a machine with 2GB RAM and SAM Broadcaster is taking most of the memory and the CPU is up at 70%-80% making the PC sluggish.

Ever since SAM Broadcaster v2.x.x the program has always required huge amounts of the CPU/memory.

SAM Broadcaster always has been a resource hog no matter how much processing power your PC had.


More often than not SAM Broadcaster would cause the CPU to max out and freeze the PC which usually meant a restart of the computer.

SAM is a very system intensive piece of software. It requires a lot of the systems time and resources.

I saw this on a post on a forum recently.

“SAM Broadcaster freezes and locks up the PC in the middle of a Song w/o notification this happens with 2015.4 the same as 2015.3

This isn’t a problem that we seem to have with RadioDJ free radio automation software.

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RadioDJ hardly uses the CPU and isn’t as memory hungry as SAM Broadcaster is known to be. Plus RadioDJ doesn’t seem to crash or freeze like SAM Broadcaster does.

RadioDJ can be ran on a system with as little as 1000 MHz CPU and 512MB RAM

The fact RadioDJ doesn’t use huge amounts of CPU/memory is just another reason why RadioDJ is far superior to SAM Broadcaster.

We’re sure Spacial Audio are well aware of SAM Broadcaster and the amount of resources it hogs.

“When SAM Broadcaster crashes it’s due to something wrong in the hardware/operating system/drivers/additional peripherals of the computer itself”

WRONG! When SAM Broadcaster crashes it’s because the program is hogging so many of the PC’s CPU processes. It usually slams the CPU up to 100% during track changes.

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RadioDJ uses about 7-10% during a track change infact as you can see from the above image it hardly uses any memory or CPU.

Every time Spacial release a new version of SAM Broadcaster it’s the same old story.

Versions 2/3/4 all hogged resources/crashed & it seems the newer 2013/2014/2015 versions do exactly the same

Why do people still buy (lease) software from Spacial Audio? You’re only paying them to make worse software.

Maybe one day Spacial Audio will get their act together and give people a program that doesn’t use huge amounts of CPU & Memory…

But we won’t hold our breath on that one!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 20:30 PM Europe/London

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