Just seen a post on the Spacial forums from a user complaining that they have had a “SAM Broadcaster clockwheel failure”

When a clockwheel failure happens in the program, SAM Broadcaster only plays station ID’s instead of playing music from the categories the user has specified within the clockwheel rotation setup.

This has been a huge problem with SAM Broadcaster ever since the early versions of the SAM Broadcaster 2.x.x series.

SAM Broadcaster Clockwheel

It doesn’t appear that Spacial are doing anything to solve the issue or to find out why it happens.

“A clockwheel failure is the main reason we ditched SAM Broadcaster back on the 1st January 2011. SAM Broadcaster just wanted to play station ID’s instead of playing a clockwheel which had over 8 days worth of music to choose from”

The minute we switched from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ free radio automation software the rotation problems went away.

Sadly the Clockwheel failures aren’t the only problems SAM Broadcaster suffers from. We see someone having problems with SAM Broadcaster weekly.

Our advice as always is ditch SAM Broadcaster and install something else like RadioDJ free radio automation instead.

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RadioDJ has a better track rotation feature that doesn’t seem to screw up like the clockwheel rotations in SAM.

When will people wake up to the fact that SAM Broadcaster isn’t worth the $$$ Spacial Audio ask for it?

Sadly it seems Spacial Audio really don’t seem to care about getting SAM Broadcaster to work as it was designed.

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:14 PM Europe/London

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