I saw a few days back that Spacial Audio had released SAM Broadcaster 2016.1


Now before you say “OH he’s bashing SAM again” I’m not!

I’m just making my observations as to what happened when I went to test it. I just wish those observations weren’t the same as when I tested the 2015 versions of SAM. Things seemed to be OK until after about 20 minutes…

The software installed OK and seemed to fire up OK & that was about as good as it got. I configured an encoder and set that streaming to a local shoutcast server.

I thought the sound could do with a tweak so I went to change the settings in the audio pipeline equaliser.

Changed the settings of the EQ to match those I use in other software, Clicked OK & SAM just froze and became unresponsive (Not responding) and the only way I could get the program to quit was via task manager (end process)

I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary all I did was change a setting & the built in AGC was disabled so that couldn’t have been the culprit.

Nothing showed up in the event log or windows event viewer for me to be able to say “this is what went wrong”.

This is despite what looks like a half decent attempt by the developers at fixing a few problems with SAM Broadcaster in the new version.

SAM Broadcaster 2016 changelog:


Yet again I can’t really praise SAM Broadcaster because it’s sadly still NOT a piece of software we could rely on to do a live show or even run a stream with.

RadioDJ outperforms SAM Broadcaster in so many ways. One of them being STABILITY.

One of these days I’ll go to test a new release of SAM and it will work as it’s supposed to without it throwing it’s toys out of the pram!

Sorry Spacial… It’s not that difficult to find weak points in your overpriced software!

**Update 18/09/16**

“Just went to test SAM Broadcaster 2016.8 and the program closed down on me after less than 3 minutes. So its the same old program its always been”


Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 16:20 PM Europe/London

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