So Spacial have today released SAM Broadcaster 2015.4

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That’s funny Spacial as it only says this in the “Readme”

v2015.4 (15 September 2015)
* Fix erroneous “Request Disabled” message on request port.

They’ve fixed ONE thing that they cocked up on in 2015.3 and that’s IT! No new features or bug fixes (again!)

Why do people still pay out $$$ for subscriptions every year to Spacial Audio?

So much for the “Promises” they made in January 2015.

“This year we promise to continue to work hard and bring you some amazing features for your radio station”

When in reality they’ve done nothing with SAM Broadcaster again & spent more time doing a re-branded SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

SAM Broadcaster users need to vote with their wallets and stop paying Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster and associated products.

You’re only paying a development team to be lazy and do NOTHING!

Make the switch to the brilliant & reliable RadioDJ

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ FREE radio automation software is the future of radio automation.

Plus RadioDJ has new better features with every release.

I hear we’re in for some great new additions when v1.8.3 is released!

Spacial Audio need to STOP the bullshitting and they also stop taking their customers for mugs.

Last updated on: May 17th, 2017
at 13:14 PM Europe/London